Fetch-A-Tech in Spring Valley, NV

Fetch-A-Tech is a heating, air conditioning, and plumbing service company that works with residential and commercial clients in the Spring Valley area. We put in 100% every time, which is why local customers consider us the best HVAC contractor to get the job done right. Our highly trained, licensed, and insured technicians are prompt, courteous, and professional and can handle any type of repair, installation, or maintenance. And when you have an emergency, we are available 24/7 to provide urgent air conditioner repair in Spring Valley and can fix a water or gas leak fast.

The History of Spring Valley

Located two miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, Spring Valley is a master-planned community established in 1981, at the site of the former Stardust International Raceway. It has grown from 1 square mile to 33.4 square miles on the southwest side of the Las Vegas Valley. The town is linked to the Strip by large boulevards lined by strip malls, including the Chinatown Plaza strip mall. This location is designated an Asian Pacific American Cultural Center by Clark County; it is now a growing 3-mile-long Chinatown district. Spring Valley’s famous residents have included tennis players, NASCAR drivers, and other celebrities.

Spring Valley Weather and Climate

In the summer, the average temperature soars to around 103 while winter lows can dip into the 30’s. Temperatures remain consistently in the 90s from June through September. It’s generally below 65 from late November through February. Throughout the year, there are various demands on you HVAC system. Before summer, you’ll need the best HVAC company to maintain your A/C, so you have reliable cooling. The Spring Valley heat can put a tremendous strain on the system. But you don’t want to be without heat during the cooler months. You can trust our furnace and heat pump technicians to make sure your heating system runs flawlessly and keeps you comfortable all winter.

Your HVAC & Plumbing Experts in Spring Valley

Our Spring Valley air conditioning, heating, and plumbing professionals can handle anything and help your home be more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient. You can therefore rely on us for:

Cooling and Heating Services in Spring Valley

Fully trained and equipped with the latest tools, parts, and equipment, our technicians can repair central air conditioners, mini-split cooling systems, commercial A/C systems, and heat pumps. We believe that ongoing maintenance can improve reliability and avoid major repairs. Making small adjustments and fixes can help your HVAC system last longer as well. Preventative maintenance can also lead to more even heating and cooling, reduced power consumption, and lower energy bills.

Whether you need a more significant repair or it’s time to replace your air conditioner or furnace, you can rely on Fetch-A-Tech for high-quality service. Our Spring Valley heating and air conditioning contractors install systems with your needs and safety in mind. Every system is sized properly after a full home inspection. If space is limited, we’ll recommend a ductless mini-split system that may run more efficiently than a traditional HVAC unit. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and, if it’s not fixed right the first time, there’s no charge for us to come back and diagnose the issue.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Spring Valley

Dirty and dusty ductwork can interfere with your comfort while smoke, particulates, mold, bacteria, and other pollutants can impact your health. To help you breathe easier, Fetch-A-Tech offers duct cleaning services. If you have pets, someone in your household smokes, or has allergies or asthma, duct cleaning is the next step you want to take.

Our technicians can also install an air filtration and ventilation system that can filter out suspended particles, gases, and biological contaminants. Installing a humidifier can be beneficial, especially in Spring Valley’s dry climate. Duct leakage testing services are available as well, which enable us to find and fix holes, cracks, loose connections, and other sources of air loss to improve air quality and HVAC efficiency.

Spring Valley Plumbing Services

In addition to being considered one of the best HVAC contractors in the area, we’re also trusted to handle a wide range of plumbing needs. Our technicians can handle a sudden emergency such as a burst pipe, clogged sewer line, or gas leak. You can call 24/7/365 for assistance. We’re also equipped to fix everything from a clogged drain or running toilet to a damaged sewer line, slab foundation leak, or broken garbage disposal.

We employ the latest diagnostic technologies, including video pipe inspection, to locate and fix problems at their source. Service tools like hydro jetting help us quickly clear pipes of debris, mineral scale, and tree roots. If you have a leaky faucet or shower head, need a sump pump installed, or want to schedule trenchless sewer repair, Fetch-A-Tech is the contractor to trust.

Call Fetch-A-Tech Today

We’re the best HVAC contractors near you for heating and cooling repair, installation, and preventative maintenance so your home is safe and comfortable year-round. Whether you need air conditioner repair in Spring Valley, NV, or require help from our Spring Valley plumbing professionals, you can call us 24/7. Your air quality and condition of your ductwork are priorities to us as well. To learn more or schedule service, and ask about our maintenance plans, promotions, or financing, call 800-123-2321 today.

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