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Because it is a big investment, homeowners who are considering a new central air conditioning unit are wise to learn a few of the basics about them. When purchasing new equipment, the two things that really matter are performance and efficiency. Fortunately, Fetch-a-Tech carries air conditioning units that will meet and exceed anyone’s standards in those two categories. The modern equipment we offer goes through rigid, federally-created tests to ensure that it meets environmental and efficiency standards. This ensures that your new system will keep you comfortable while keeping energy consumption well-controlled. Whichever air conditioner you choose, be sure to compare its SEER rating to competitors’ to gauge its relative efficiency. The air conditioners we offer are quiet, environmentally responsible, and among the top performers in the market.

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Why Choose a Heat Pump?

If you’re particularly energy-conscious, then choosing one of Fetch-a-Tech’s available heat pumps may be the perfect solution for you. This equipment has the ability to both cool your home like a normal air conditioner and keep it warm during less extreme temperature dips without having to use your furnace. In terms of energy use and year-round climate control, it is an excellent option for certain homes and customers.

Whether it’s an air conditioner or a heat pump your home needs, Fetch-a-Tech can help you find the right equipment to keep your home comfortable all year, from the cold nights of January to the sweltering days of July. Consult us today to find the best solution for your climate control needs.

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