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When you need an HVAC technician or plumber in Summerlin, Fetch-A-Tech is the company to call. We employ a team of highly trained, licensed technicians who can install or repair your furnace, A/C, or plumbing fixtures and pipes. Committed to your satisfaction and comfort, we also work to keep you safe during oppressively hot summers and cold winters. Duct cleaning and other indoor air quality services can help you breathe easier. While we strive to be affordable, we also offer promotions and financing to accommodate your budget.

The Little-Known History of Summerlin

Summerlin, Nevada, is a master planned community for people of all ages. Named after the paternal grandmother of Howard Hughes, who purchased land here in 1952, the community saw its first residential construction in 1990. By the early 2000’s, it was ranked #1 in the nation for new home sales. And by 2018, there were over two dozen separate villages within Summerlin. Situated along the western edge of the Las Vegas Valley, near the Spring Mountain Range, it has 250 parks, 150 miles of trails, and 10 golf courses and is conveniently close to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area; not to mention being just a short drive from The Strip.

Summerlin’s Climate

Temperatures average above 91℉ from June through much of September, while the average high in July is 100℉. Residents enjoy average high’s below 63℉ from mid-November through February while in December, the coldest month, the average high is 54℉ and the average low is 36℉. Conditions are generally dry throughout the year, but some rainfall does occur from December through early March; the rest of the year Summerlin is typically sunny and rainless. But given the seasonal fluctuations in temperatures, it helps to have the best HVAC company to ensure your A/C and heating system are in top shape.

The Best HVAC Repair in Summerlin

Sweltering heat has a notorious impact on air conditioning systems. Home HVAC equipment in Summerlin must work hard to keep homes cool during the hot months. Your furnace may take on a bit of wear during this time too, so maintenance before cold weather arrives is recommended. Fortunately, you can rely on Fetch-A-Tech year-round for services like:

Cooling System and Air Conditioning Repair in Summerlin

Locally, we’re known for air conditioner replacement and installation. We install central A/C systems and ductless mini-split cooling systems from all the top brands. Before installation, your home is carefully evaluated to ensure the A/C is perfectly sized for your home.

When you’re A/C isn’t properly working, rooms aren’t cooling evenly, your air conditioner is making noise, or it is leaking; you can call us 24/7. Our technicians can fix issues of any kind, regardless of the brand or style of unit. We’re relied upon for high-quality maintenance to ensure your system is clean, efficient, and trouble-free. Proper maintenance can boost efficiency, help your HVAC last longer, and save on repair costs over the long run.

Heat Pump and Furnace Repair in Summerlin

Furnaces are rated by their capacity, in BTU’s. It’s important for a unit to be sized right for your home; too small a furnace will work harder and use more energy. If it’s too big, the system will produce too much heat and short cycle, leading to more wear and tear. Our technicians can help choose and install a furnace that meets your home’s needs. They can also provide any type of repair to ensure it runs efficiently without any safety concerns.

Whether you have a pilot light problem, aren’t getting heat, or your furnace is simply making noise, you can always count on Fetch-a-Tech. Our technicians can change a furnace filter, lubricate moving parts, and examine the heat exchanger, burners, or belt for any issues. Correcting small problems can avoid big repair bills later.

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Improvements in Summerlin

Your indoor air may contain many types of irritating particulates. Pollen, mold, dander, bacteria, and fungi may be present and can come from buildup inside your air ducts or holes or cracks in ductwork. The best HVAC contractor in the area, we can seal ducts and perform duct cleaning to remove pollutants that can cause breathing problems. Also, our team can look for issues such as pest/insect infestations, water contamination, and dust from renovations and remodels. We can test air quality using the latest technologies and employ various methods to help improve it.

Plumbing Services in Summerlin

Many consider us to be the best HVAC contractor. But we’re also a highly trusted Summerlin plumbing company. We guarantee 100% satisfaction whether you need us to service your water heater, garbage disposal, or other water-using appliance. If you’re unable to unclog a drain, just call and we’ll get it running, whether it involves pipe repair or hydro jetting. Have a running toilet, leaky faucet, or low water pressure in the shower? No problem: Fetch-A-Tech will fix it quickly.

Our team is also trusted to install and replace piping with minimal disruption. We can even fix gas leaks to restore your safety. Burst pipes are promptly fixed while we can also aid in sump pump installation to protect your basement. Even hard-to-spot slab leaks can be identified and repaired, while sewer lines can be repaired/replaced using trenchless methods that avoid digging.

Call the Best HVAC Contractor Near You

Fetch-A-Tech is a full-service HVAC and plumbing company in the Las Vegas Valley. Customers in Summerlin can count on us 24/7/365 to address an urgent problem. We also provide installation and maintenance services to help you save. A rewards program, promotions, and financing are available too. To learn more, call 200-123-2321, or schedule service online, today!

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