The Negative Effects of Hard Water In Your Home

Have you noticed that your home’s water tastes strange and leaves your washed clothes feeling gritty? This is likely caused by hard water, which is water with high mineral content. While it isn’t dangerous, hard water can negatively affect your quality of life in a variety of ways.

What is hard water and how can I prevent it?

The water you use every day has varying levels of “hardness” based on the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water, collectively referred to as calcium carbonate concentration. Guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Interior and the Water Quality Association state that water with less than 60 mg/L of calcium carbonate is considered soft, 61-120 mg/L is moderately hard, 121-180 mg/L is hard, and anything above is considered very hard. Hard water has certain health benefits when drank, like increased cardiovascular health, but it carries a variety of negatives that generally outweigh the pros. Cleaning yourself with hard water can drain the moisture from your skin and hair, resulting in issues like dandruff, irritated skin, and dry skin problems like eczema.

The biggest problems hard water can cause involve items in your home. Clothes washed with hard water tend to wear down quicker due to clothing fabric wearing down more over time. Meanwhile, dishwashers using hard water can leave spots on dishes residue on surfaces cleaned with the water. As for water piping, hard water can cause a mineral build-up in your pipes, eventually leading to a clog. In addition, hard water tends to promote rust and other residue build ups on your sink, showerhead, and faucets.

However, there is a way to keep your water soft. Climate Control Experts can offer you a water softener for your home can help you avoid these problems. Water softeners are mechanical devices that attach to your plumbing system and removes minerals from your water. By removing minerals from your water, they can prevent it from becoming hard.

Why choose Climate Control Experts to protect my water supply?

Climate Control Experts prides itself on helping people around Las Vegas by providing high-quality home service. Our team of highly-qualified and multi-talented work with all sorts of systems, so they’re always the right person for the job. We stand by our work and will provide free service if we don’t get it fixed the first time. In addition, we’re able to work with you at any time and any day of the week, holidays included. If you’re looking to get rid of your home’s hard water problem, call Climate Control Experts today!

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