5 Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

5 Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

The humidity level in your home should be between 35% and 50%. When your home is heated, the furnace also removes moisture; in the dry Las Vegas climate, this adds to the dryness that can have many disadvantages. But a whole house humidifier can alleviate or avoid many problems associated with low indoor humidity. Small, single-room humidifiers can help in isolated areas, but a whole home system provides relief everywhere.

Here are five key benefits to having a whole house humidifier installed:

1. Healthier Air to Breathe

If the air is too dry, your nose, mouth, eyes, and skin may dry out (itching, wrinkles, and acne can result). Your sinuses may become irritated, while various respiratory illnesses can be exacerbated. Cold and flu viruses can spread more easily in dry air because viral particles are dispersed into smaller aerosols, which can spread faster and remain in the air longer. Adding moisture to the air can therefore improve your health as well as prevent congestion and your soft palate from drying out (thereby reducing snoring and improving quality of sleep).

2. Improved Comfort

Dryness can lead to chapped lips, irritated skin, and eczema. But humidification can improve comfort in many other ways. By installing a whole house humidifier, you can reduce static, which causes clothes to cling, hair to fray, and shocks when you touch another member of your household. Moisture also makes air feel warmer at lower temperatures, so you don’t have to rely on your furnace as much.

3. Energy Efficiency

This leads us to another benefit of whole house humidification. If you can lower your thermostat a few degrees, your HVAC system will use less energy, meaning you can save on your utility bills. But when the humidity is too low, your home will feel colder than it is; turning up the heat will mean using more energy.

4. Low Maintenance

A whole home humidifier requires less maintenance than running multiple smaller portable humidifiers. It also uses less electricity. The humidifier is installed near your HVAC ducts and connected to your water supply. It can therefore draw from water lines and pump moisture directly into the vents. Also, the unit only requires maintenance once a year when a technician services your HVAC system.

5. Protect Furnishings/Materials/Electronics

Adding moisture to the air can protect various furnishings and materials. Dryness can cause wood to crack, shrink, and warp, affecting floors, framing, and furniture as well as musical instruments. Paper items can become more brittle as well, while paint can start to peel. The increase in static can potentially damage electronics. Houseplants do better in more humid air too. A whole house humidifier can therefore have a wide range of benefits throughout your home.

Schedule Professional Humidifier Installation

At Fetch-A-Tech, we understand how important proper humidity levels are when it comes to good indoor air quality. A whole house humidifier can provide comfort all year long. We can help improve your health, comfort, and energy efficiency by installing a system that meets your needs and budget. To schedule humidifier installation in Las Vegas, set up an appointment online or call 702-508-9513 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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