Are There Any Harmful Effects of Hard Water?

Most homes in the U.S. have hard water. It is water with high levels of calcium and magnesium while carbonates, chlorides, or sulfates may be present. Healthwise, there generally aren’t any harmful effects of hard water, so it is safe to drink. Nonetheless, it can have an impact on your plumbing and quality of life. Here are some effects it can have on people and homes.

Dry Skin and Hair

Excess calcium and magnesium can make your skin dry and chapped after taking a shower. The minerals make it hard for soap to wash away, which absorbs natural moisture and oils. Hard water can also make your hair dry and brittle. Frequent washing with hard water can contribute to thinning and loss of hair.

Ineffective Soaps and Detergents

Soap is supposed to form a lather when you wash with water. Hard water prevents this from happening and instead forms a curdy substance as calcium and magnesium ions bond to soap molecules. It can reduce the effectiveness of soap and dish detergent and also make it harder to rinse off.

Worn Out Clothing

Hard water minerals can cause clothes to fade and wear out quickly. Washing fabric in hard water creates harsh conditions that eventually cause fabric to fray. Mineral residue may cause your clothes to start feeling scratchy and stiff after you do the laundry.

Stains on Dishes and Glassware

Washing dishes, utensils, and glasses in hard water often leaves behind spots, stains, and films. They may look dirty even though you just washed them. This is caused by a reaction between the detergent and hard water. While the residue is harmless, it is unsightly.

Residue on Sinks, Bathtubs, and Appliances

Whenever you run a faucet, some of the minerals from running water will be left behind on surfaces. This residue is easy to clean off, but it can be persistent, and it may seem like you’re always wiping away dirt. Hard water can also lead to clogs in appliances such as your dishwasher or garbage disposal.

Increased Water Bills

Calcium, magnesium, and other minerals build up in pipes over time. As the inside of pipes gets narrower, water pressure increases and your plumbing system must work harder. If any leaks result from the increased strain, your water bill will go up. Schedule a plumbing inspection if you can’t find any explanations for why you’re spending more each month.

Plumbing Damage

Small leaks can begin at fittings or in corroded areas, which can waste a lot of water and money. Cracked, separated, and burst pipes can require expensive repairs and a major cleanup. You may need frequent drain cleaning and pipe repairs as well. Steel pipes are most vulnerable to the effects of hard water.

While hard water isn’t dangerous to your health, it can impact your quality of life and have negative impacts on your plumbing, kitchenware, appliances, and clothes. A water softener can help eliminate these effects and save you money in repairs over the long run.

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