5 Benefits of a Mini-Split System in Las Vegas

A mini-split (or ductless) air conditioner system is an AC system that doesn’t make use of ductwork and a single indoor unit to cool your home. Instead, there are multiple indoor units connected by conduits to an outdoor unit. The lack of vents can make them very useful for certain homeowners. Are you looking for an easy way to cool your home without installing ductwork? If you live around Las Vegas, read on to learn about how a mini-split system might be right for you.

Here are 5 advantages of switching to a mini-split system in Las Vegas:


When ductwork is running, debris and leaks in it can cause a variety of noises, like whistling and banging. When you install a mini-split system, a professional will remove the ducts or seal the air registers. That’ll make your temperature systems much quieter. In addition, the indoor units in a mini-split system are quieter than the one regular systems use due to their lower fan speeds.


For every outdoor unit, a mini-split system has, it can have up to four indoor units. These units operate independently from each other and can have individual temperature goals. This lets you have different zones to more thoroughly control your home’s temperature.

Small and easy to install

One of the more obvious advantages of a mini-split system is that it’s smaller than other systems. They don’t require ductwork, which can be nice in older buildings that may not have any ductwork or those not designed with ductwork in mind. In addition, mini-split systems only require some small pipes and a three-inch hole in a wall for every indoor unit you want to install. They’re so easy to install and non-invasive, installation could take a single day depending on the number of units installed.

Increased air quality

With traditional temperature systems, you regularly need to give your ducts cleaning. If you don’t do so, you’ll have a variety of contaminants in there that’ll ruin your home’s air quality. Even if you completely clean the ducts, it’s possible that there’s leftover dust in there. With a multi-split system, you’ll never need to worry about what’s in your ducts and your home’s air will be fresher as a result.

Energy efficient

Because they don’t make use of ducts, mini-split systems are more energy efficient. When using a central forced air system, over 30% of the energy used is lost through ducts. They can lose even more if the ducts are damaged or go through somewhere without air conditioning, like an attic. You’ll save money overall by improving your home’s temperature efficiency.

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