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Need HVAC stat? Fetch-A-Tech is the best HVAC company to call when you need AC, heating, or plumbing servicein Las Vegas. We provide top-of-the-line installation, maintenance, and repair services to ensure your home stays comfortable in the searing summer heat or on a cool winter night. In addition to prompt, high-quality service and fast solutions, we offer special promotions, a rewards program, and financing to help you budget for your HVAC needs.

A Cooler Las Vegas

Today, Las Vegas is known for its mega casino-hotels, entertainment, and sprawling residential developments. The region, which had been a marshland turned arid desert, was the focus of Spanish exploration (Las Vegas is Spanish for “The Meadows”), Mexican and Mormon settlements, and a railroad route serving Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Upon arriving in 1905, the railroad sparked a boom in the area.

Gambling was banned in Las Vegas from 1910 to 1931 yet persisted. In the 1930’s, thousands of workers were based here during the construction of Hoover Dam. The first hotel opened in 1941, on Highway 91 that would quickly evolve into the Strip. If growth from the 1960’s on wasn’t enough, mega hotels began springing up in the 1980’s. Today, the city receives tens of millions of visitors each year and is part of a metropolitan area of over 2.2 million residents (as of 2020).

Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas is famous for its sweltering hot summers and dry climate (the hottest months are June through mid-September). The average high in July is 105°! Overnight lows in the summer can hover in the 80’s. On rare occasions, the temperature has exceeded 115°. You can see why you’d need the best HVAC contractors near you to help stay cool!

Despite the summer heat, Las Vegas does have a cool season, lasting from late November through much of February. In December, the coolest month, highs average about 58° and the average low is 39°. Highs during the cool season generally average in the low 60’s. Although the climate is generally dry, Las Vegas does see rainfall, which mostly occurs from December through March. However, humidity levels rarely rise above 2%.

How Does This Affect Your AC?

The heat in Las Vegas can put a tremendous strain on your air conditioning system. During a heatwave, we get hundreds of calls about AC breakdowns. Our customers use theirACs every day, so wear and tear take a toll. Any issues with dirty filters, restricted airflow, or worn motors and other mechanical parts can put an AC over the brink in extreme heat.

You must also think about your furnace. You may not use heat for several months. But a furnace can still get worn out or damaged, which means getting furnace maintenance prior to the cooling season, long before you think about needing it, can prevent an expensive breakdown during the winter.

Our Services

Las Vegas has one of the most extreme climates in the U.S. That’s why you need the best HVAC contractor around. Fortunately, you can count on Fetch-A-Tech for high-quality services, including:

Air Conditioning in Las Vegas

Our technicians are highly trained in the installation and repair of central air conditioning systems, ductless mini-split cooling systems, and commercial AC systems. Whether your unit breaks down or isn’t working as efficiently, our team can determine the cause and fix it. We stand by our commitment with our Fixed Right or It’s FREE Experts Guarantee.

That means if an AC repair isn’t a success, you don’t pay us to correct the problem.

If we determine you need AC replacement, our professionals will help select from the best brands and types we think will best suit your needs. We’ll also remove your old unit, make the necessary modifications to prepare for a new one, and install it properly. Fetch-A-Tech will make sure your brand-new AC will keep things cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets in Las Vegas.

Heating in Las Vegas

When you’re not getting heator the pilot light is out, it’s time for furnace repair. A noisy furnace can be problematic as well. Don’t wait to call for service. Our technicians can fix the underlying problem to prevent total system failures and common safety hazards.

Annual furnace maintenance is crucial. We’ll clean the blower fan blades, check the belt for damage, and lubricate the fan motor to reduce wear and improve efficiency. Licensed and insured, our technicians can clean your furnace, find any small issue, and fix it quickly.

For our energy-conscious customers, we can recommend and install efficient heat pumps. We even install ductless heat pumps from Mitsubishi, a leading brand in the heating and cooling segment. Being an exclusive Mitsubishi Diamond™ Contractor means our climate control experts can provide the highest-quality service.

AC and Heating Maintenance

Our technicians are trained to provide thorough routine maintenance. In Las Vegas, it’s important your AC coils, filters, and ducts are clean and dust-free. We provide comprehensive cleaning services and can fill refrigerant, check for signs of wear, and use special tools to diagnose small problems. Minor issues are quickly fixed to minimize the wear on vital components. We’ll therefore keep your system running reliably and efficiently for many years.

Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to have clean air throughout your home. At Fetch-A-Tech, we specialize in duct cleaning to protect your home against mold, fungi, bacteria, and particulates that can circulate continuously. Allergens, pet dander, cigarette smoke, dust from renovation projects, and even water contamination/damage in your HVAC system can cause air quality issues. Duct cleaning can leave you with fresher air and may reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. We can also suggest other ways to improve the air in your home.

Plumbing in Las Vegas

In addition to being the best HVAC contractor in the Las Vegas Valley, we’re an award-winning plumbing services provider. Our licensed plumbers are highly trained and background-checked. Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, our plumbing services include drain cleaning, leak detection, and preventative maintenance.

We also specialize in water heater, toilet, garbage disposal, shower and tub, and faucet repair, installation, and maintenance. Whether you have a clog or a burst pipe, or water quality could be improved, you can count on Fetch-A-Tech to meet all your plumbing needs.

Our technicians can handle the most complex of tasks. These include repiping your home, sewer line repair (including trenchless work), and sump pump installation. Customers even rely on us for slab leak detection and repair, as well as hydro jetting, a fast way of using water to clear stubborn blockages in pipes and sewer lines.

Why We’re the Best HVAC Company

We guarantee high-quality AC, heating, and plumbing services at the most reasonable prices in Las Vegas. Customers throughout the area depend on Fetch-A-Tech year-round. Our company serves a range of local communities, providingair conditioning repair in North Las Vegas to Summerlin, to Henderson and everywhere in between. Plus, all our work is guaranteed, therefore protecting your investment in comfort, efficiency, and safe air to breathe.

Do you need help with heating, air conditioning, or plumbing? Just Call 800-123-2321 or schedule a service appointment online—today!

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