Fetch-A-Tech in The Lakes, NV

Fetch-A-Tech has combined the best in air conditioning, heating, and plumbing expertise to ensure homes and businesses in The Lakes, NV, receive the highest quality service. Our company is committed to your comfort and safety as well as helping you save. Possessing the latest industry training, our technicians are prompt, courteous, and professional. You can call on us 24/7 and we’ll resolve any emergency. Whether you need help with installation, repairs, or maintenance, you can expect superior service that’s 100% guaranteed by the most trusted The Lakes plumbing and HVAC contractor.

About The Lakes

The Lakes is a resort-like lakefront community within the city limits of Las Vegas. Situated near the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, it’s centered around Lake Sahara, a large man-made lake. Construction began in the mid-1980s and The Lakes is a conglomeration of gated communities with single-family homes and condominiums, offices, and commercial space. The area is known for its watery escape from the heat; it has abundant water sports and walking trails. Despite the retreat provided by the water, residents of The Lakes require air conditioning to escape the heat. Fetch-A-Tech is the best HVAC company to call whether you plan service or have an emergency.

The Best HVAC Repair in The Lakes

When you’re not getting enough cold air, the vents aren’t blowing, or there’s unusual noise, it’s time to call for repairs. A higher energy bill is another reason to call for air conditioning repair in The Lakes. Mechanical and electrical issues can reduce efficiency and further strain the system until larger components fail. At Fetch-A-Tech, our technicians dispatch quickly and arrive at your home in fully stocked trucks. They can diagnose and fix any problem fast, and get it done right the first time. Whether you need an AC or furnace installed, we’ll properly size the system based on a load calculation of your home. All options will be reviewed when it’s time to replace your HVAC system. We install the latest air conditioners, furnaces, ductless mini-split systems, and heat pumps. Our team is equipped to provide maintenance that improves efficiency, reduces the need for repairs, and increases equipment longevity. As the best HVAC contractor, we also ensure good indoor air quality through duct cleaning, leakage testing, and sealing. We provide air filtration and ventilation services as well to help improve your comfort and well-being.

The Lakes Plumbing Repairs

When it comes to your plumbing, you should never hold off on repairs. Even a small leak or blockage can lead to major damage, so call a plumber in The Lakes for the slightest signs of plumbing trouble. Whether you have a drain or sewer blockage, low water pressure, or a burst pipe, we can fix it fast. Fetch-A-Tech employs the latest leak detection tools if the source isn’t obvious; yet, we can locate and correct the problem no matter how big or small it is. Technology lets us provide exceptional maintenance. It includes the latest pipe inspection cameras and hydro jetting equipment we can use during any inspection. Additionally, our plumbing expertise includes piping and re-piping and service for toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, tubs, and foundation slabs. Water heater issues ranging from heating element problems to tank sediment can be addressed. Fetch-A-Tech can also tackle the most challenging plumbing jobs including slab leak repair and trenchless sewer replacement. We immediately take steps to resolve the underlying problem and avoid further damage to your home, with permanent results.

The Best HVAC Contractors Near You

At Fetch-A-Tech, we take great pride in our services in The Lakes, NV. We’ve combined several levels of expertise to provide high-quality residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing services. Whether your AC breaks down in a heat wave or your toilet won’t flush, you can count on us to fix the issue on the spot. To learn more about our services, promotions, and financing, or schedule an appointment in The Lakes, call 702-623-6431 today!

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